“I get all the news I need on the weather report”- Simon and Garfunkel

by Chloe Smith on Flickr

The boxes blink back at us
from the wall where we hung them up
and flattened them to create clearance
for the hard-hitting stories to fall
when they drop, breaking
at 5 o’clock on the living room floor, removed
their antennas to prevent interference
from the dread rising up after being released
from cases cracked wide open —…

Was it morning or night

by Cleo Greaves on Flickr

The sun in July,
an evocation of warm scenes
flickering golden in the light
that’s just out of the corner
of my eye
I chase the recollections,
their locus just out of my reach
Martins circle above
after something they can’t catch,
insects in search of the light
avoid the swat of my hand,
and what it was
is not so far…

Saturday Poetry Prompt: rework the phrase

by Harsh Palkar on Unsplash

I’ve awoken
acute and aware
on a bright white winter
morning, alert
to the shape of black birds
punched out of the porcelain sky,
and I’ve come to
on a summer day
hours past dawn, blurry
and fading gradually into the haze
with the soft buzzing of bees
bringing me about
Now, I never come around,
unable to meet the hours
that no longer…

A poem on being present to receive

by Katelynn Ruffner on Unsplash

We were resilient for awhile
and kept knocking
After no answer,
asking turned to apathy
in all of us,
our bodies in a row,
we keep rocking,
gazing out into the great beyond
searching for something else
to receive us
from the front porch framed
by southern live oaks
White paint peels from the house,
allowing the home to come through
Above us…

Sydney J. Shipp

Published poet. Expressing in words, the universal feelings inspired by my experience of life. Instagram: SydneyJShipp, Twitter: @SydneyJShipp

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